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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Health Effects of Mangoes

Summer is the hot and warm atmosphere that fills the lives of children and grown-ups with some reviving and soothing environment and makes ready for agreeable and pleasurable days. However, envisioning summers without mangoes resembles a bad dream and a flighty dream that spills oil on your clever summer days and the general savoring amusement. Mangoes are one such organic product that is delectable, sweet, delicious, savoring and considerably more than that including a tasteful and awesome eating knowledge.

Keeping all these delicious certainties of mango aside, do you that this ruler of organic products has a various and extensive variety of medical advantages connected with it? All things considered, this organic product is identified with great taste as well as are stuffed with different basic supplements that give medical advantages. Additionally, recollect to expend this natural product inside restricted sums as over utilization is found to effectsly affect the typical prosperity.

Eat Mango and attain healthy health

Skin – Mango is found to aid in eliminating pimples and also cleanse your skin by clearing the clogged pores. It executes both internal as well as external action and makes your skin clear.Digestive health – The fiber present in mangoes aids in digestion as well as elimination process and it also contains enzymes responsible for protein breakdown.Cholesterol – Mangoes are rich in vitamin C, fibers and pectin that have the potential to mitigate the serum levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol.Diabetes – Boiling the water soaked with mango leaves overnight and then drinking it is an age-old remedy for normalizing your blood insulin levels. Also, consumption of moderate amounts of this fruit will not result in soaring of your blood sugar levels, as it has low glycemic index values (41 – 60).Cancer – Mangoes are found to contain various types of antioxidants that include several enzymes, Gallic acid, isoquercitrin, quercetin, fisetin, methylgallate and astragalin, all of which have been found to exert a protective action against cancers of breast, prostate, leukemia and colon.Sexual health – Mangoes are rich in Vitamin E content that is found to have a beneficial action on your sexual health and sex drive.Body – The various acids present in mango such as malic acid, tartaric acid and small amounts of citric acid aids in the maintenance of alkali reserves in the body.Immune system – The Vitamin A and Vitamin C present in mangoes along with a 25 varied types of carotenoids helps in maintaining your defense system strong and healthy.

Spinach, Peanut, and Pumpkin Benefits

To be more acquainted with peanuts, pumpkin and spinach is to be more new to the awful and stunned states of life. Every one of us needs to have superb life and revive inclination. Be that as it may, in the cutting edge time as where there are no desires for solace life stay, the agreeable life adventure is inconceivable. Everyone cruelly pines for alleviation yet they are a long way from being soothed. They have aimlessly achieved the shore of earth past which there is totally dim and torment. Still there has left the desire for easy and sick free life some place or the other. Like, you can keep forlorn and excruciating illnesses far from you. Eating peanuts, pumpkin and spinach can phenomenally redirect your way.


It can help you recovering from the diseases like asthma, arthritis, osteoporosis, migraine and headaches because of the possession of anti-inflammatory elements. It can also prevent you from losing your memory loss during the passing of your age. It keeps your brain young. There is vitamin c and beta-carotene in spinach which controls the risk of gastrointestinal health problems. The presence of folate in the green leafy vegetables may prevent the DNA damage and mutations in colon cells. It’s low in calories yet very high in vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients. So if you consume this, you don’t need to worry about your weight-loss diet as you take in abundant, good-for-you nutrients.


It is the good source of protein in the terms of plant. It contains a good amount of folate. The peanuts are really the best remedies for the people on earth as well as which exists somewhere like in the womb of woman. Yes absolutely I am talking about baby. If a woman while pregnancy consumes peanuts she reduces the risk of having a born baby with a serious neural tube defect by up to 70%.

It can also benefit you in deducting your weight. Being association with the eating of peanuts means direct indication of losing your weight. The research has shown that people who eat peanuts twice in a week are consequently slow n gaining their weight. A peanut contains phytosterol called beta-sitoserol (SIT) which protects against the cardiovascular and cancer.

Peanuts also increase our memory power and help lower and controls cholesterol levels. Eat handful of peanuts four times in a week and you will surprisingly see the reduction of cardiovascular and coronary heart disease. It also helps in gallstone and depression.


It also a good resource of treating a sound numbers of diseases. It helps heal the wound and its seeds heal the burnt area of your body. Pumpkins seed either fresh or dry are the excellent approach to recover kidney disorders. As the prescience of beta-carotene in pumpkin prevent to increase the cases of cancer. As the beta-carotene is less to develop the cancer risk. Pumpkin naturally possesses vitamin a which is good for your eyes. A regular consumption of pumpkin boosts the eye vision. It also contains vitamin c which is good for the immunity and promotes the production of collagen and protects from the virus from cancer.


Advantages of Cashew Fruit

The cashew organic product is like the nuts in different ways like arrangement of different medical advantages to the body. In the present age, anything that enhances and gives an individual enhanced wellbeing is considered as safe for utilization. Under this we can incorporate the cashew natural product as well. Regularly after the cashew nuts are culled from the natural product, the last is either disposed of or surrendered for different purposes.

The considerable advantages of devouring in the cashew organic product ranges from weight reduction to enhanced supply of vitamin C to the body. It can devoured in different structures, the most famous one being as a juice.

Cashew apples are regularly devoured in its normal way by eating it in its new and characteristic shape, or now and then its changed over to vinegar, squeezes or even utilized as a mixed drink.

The accompanying advantages can be gotten from devouring the cashew natural product:

  • Cashew apples contain a good amount of anti-bacterial properties which prevent gastric problems inside the stomach, it also prevents ulcers in the body. This is done by the fight apples give to certain forms of bacteria which negatively influence the body.
  • The cashew fruit like its nuts, improve the health of the heart by reducing the high level of triglyceride in the body. This is considered as being amongst a very key pointer into damage to the heart.
  • The copper content present in the fruit also improves bone health and flexibility. This affects many parts of the body like gums, teeth and several other phytochemicals in the body that protect it from attacks by bacteria and viruses.
  • Cashew fruits also directly deal with improving the immune system.
  • The cashew apple is growing in popularity cause of its ability to be consumed in liquid form through tasty juices. Its benefits are improved energy and sexual function in the body. It is also said widely benefit women undergoing menopause.
  • There is a good amount of fat burn as a result of consuming cashew apples. This is mainly due to the presence of vitamin C in cashew apples. This helps not just with weight loss but has various effects within the body.

Thus it can be pretty comfortable declared that both nuts and apples have varying benefits on the body. This can be both positive as well as negative depending on the quantity that is consumed.