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Monthly Archives: February 2017

I Looked for Some Help So That I Could Continue with My Active Lifestyle

As the months go by, I continually find myself wondering what will go wrong next. No one ever told me how much you ache and how so many other changes take place in your body as become a senior citizen. But I have good reason not to give up thanks to a San Diego chiropractor that I go to. It was always my understanding that they only deal with back troubles, but it isn’t true. I think most other people would say that’s all the focus on, too. But a really good friend of mine that I meet with to play golf told me about some of the other things they do, too. That conversation is what made me interested in trying to see if I could be helped.

I used to be pretty active. I liked to play tennis, softball and I really enjoyed running, too. As I grew older, biking became a lot easier to do over running because the latter can really take a toll on your knees. I gave up tennis for golf. Golfing is calming, and I do not even have to walk around the entire course thanks to being able to ride in carts.

Managing Pain is a Must

Chronic pain drove me to find a chiropractor in Phoenix AZ because as anyone knows, you will try anything to alleviate the condition. I had back pain for years and tried just about everything you could think of to get rid of it. I had a surgery, I took pain pills, I tried stretching and yoga and nothing worked. I even tried megadosing vitamins in the hope that something would work. By the time I was considering using magnetic bracelets to see if that would work, I knew it was time to give a chiropractor a shot.

I Need a Chiropractor in Georgia

I used to have to go to my chiropractor in Cumming GA, but that has been about four or five years and I am not living in Forsyth County any longer. In fact I am living in Hilton Head Island, working for a golf resort and pretty much having a really good time. However I am not getting out on the golf course as much lately because I am really having issues with my back. There may well be a correlation between one and the other, because my golf swing is probably not what they would teach you if you were to learn from a pro. It is just what I managed to figure out on my own how to play the game, not much differently from the way you learn to play miniature golf with little regard for how the experts think that you should to things.