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Gray argues and stands up to Erza, managing to convince her to abandon her original purpose momentarily in order to complete the S-Class mission and help the villagers. After being taken into the infirmary, surrounded by both Fairy Tail teams, Lucy apologizes to everyone. Three days pass, and Gray notes that Lucy has not come to the guild for the same amount of time. As future Lucy explains to the group what happened in her timeline and what will happen in in their timeline, Lucy claims that she came without any plan of action and that she doesn't know what else to do. Skip to main content. His abdomen clenches.

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Natsu approaches to Lucy from behind and calls her name.

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In actuality, the Moon Drip caused a noxious membrane of magical energy to crystallize and form an invisible "shell" in the sky, covering the entire island. Never ride a pumpkin when you can steal cab fare. Natsu then started attacking Franmalth again, defeating him by throwing giant rocks at him. Salisbury's world is rich, creepy, and dangerous, and it constantly keeps you guessing at who to trust. However, Lucy is mostly targeted, and because of this she frequently blushes when her relationship with Natsu is mentioned. During their stay at the inn, Natsu starts a pillow fight between Gray, Erza, and himself.

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